Anna Friel Makes Me Feel Fat

I didn’t know much about Anna Friel before I went to write this post, but I already don’t like her. I hate it when I see new moms jogging with their kids in a stroller. I can’t even jog to my mailbox without starting to wheeze, and this chick looks like she could run a marathon while pushing that stroller and not even break a sweat.

In fact, I’m told that she was running so fast, the photographers were having a hard time keeping up with her! Nobody likes an overachiever, Anna. Plus, that kid is totally with me. Take a look at her face, she’s so over it.

Oh, and for the record, it looks like Anna here is pretty big in the U.K. People there seem to really dig her a lot. She’s also been in tons of magazines and stars in that Pushing Daisies show, which is one of the best programs on TV right now.

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