Cuba Gooding, Jr. Hangs Out in LA

Cuba Gooding, Jr. went out in Los Angeles last night, and he’s got a certain look in his eyes that brings back memories for me. Memories of frat parties in college, when the Steelers won the Super Bowl and that one time I put my bra in a blender after a few too many cups of Gatorade and vodka (fade-orade is what we called it). I’m not insinuating that Cuba here was drunk, I’m just saying I get that same look from time to time (and it usually takes at least two days to recover).

On another note, what is that on his shirt where the heart is supposed to be? Is it a lamp? A gun? An upside down four-poster bed? I know a lot of people read this, I’m sure at least one of you can tell me in the comments section.

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