Gerard Butler is a Dirty Kind of Hot

I’m going to be honest here: I saw the caption for the photo that I get in my inbox each morning, and it said that Gerard Butler is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. I called shenanigans, because I’d never heard of him. Lo and behold, however, my good friend Wikipedia told me otherwise. He played King Leonidas in 300! Apparently, he’s also got five other movies coming out soon.

Regardless of whether or not he’s got a steady revenue stream, Gerard is pretty hot…even if it is in a grungy way. He’s like, the kind of guy that you’d see in a bar, but not think about taking home until after the dude in the suit leaves at 1am. When you wake up the next morning, you’d be pleasantly surprised instead of horrified, like you were kind of expecting to be.

Here’s a little known fact about Gerry here: he used to be a lawyer before he became an actor.

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