Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy Are Totally Not Together In London Right Now

When you’re rich and famous, sometimes you don’t want to be seen with your rich and famous significant other. I’m not sure why, but some couples go to great lengths to hide out from the public — like Chris Martin and Gwenyth Paltrow, for instance. If I were married to Chris Martin you wouldn’t be able to pry me off of him, especially out in public. I’ve heard stories about those hussies in Hollywood who will sleep with a married man, you think I’m going to let my lead singer husband go out without me? Huh-uh, gurrrrl. Not gonna happen.

Kate Hudson disagrees with me, though, and wasn’t interested in being seen with Bill Matt Bellamy at all. She even covered her face with a scarf, although I’m not sure why she’s so shy (Muse is a great band, anyway — it’s not like she’s with one of the Thomspon Twins or something).

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