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Paris Hilton Secret Do-Gooder!

I am going to let you all into a little secret. Paris Hilton may seem like she doesn’t have much time for anything other than partying and shopping but appearances can be deceiving. And now it’s time to reveal something I have always had a sneaking suspicion about, it’s all just a huge cover for Paris’ big heart.

The heiress turned reality star turned Gazillionaire mogul (ok maybe Gazillionaire is a bit OTT) actually does a ton of charity work behind closed doors. Her mom Kathy recently slipped up during an interview to reveal that Paris hosts several charitable events at the Hilton’s home every year where cameras are not invited. The family works closely with Starlight Children’s Foundation and Make-A-Wish Foundation as kid’s causes are high on Paris’ priority list.

The blonde beauty is very hands on at the events where even parents are’t allowed to bring cameras. She plays with kids, color swith them, bakes and does arts and crafts.  Awe!

Kathy believes if you are going to do something nice there is no need for the media to follow you around. “Whatever country Paris is in, she will go to an orphanage, she will go visit children because that’s her thing. So you don’t see and hear all about that because then it looks like you are doing it for show. I have had my girls helping, whether it was stuffing goody bags or selling raffle tickets, getting involved with every single charity that I have ever been involved with since they were five or six years old.”



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