12_09_2009_Paris Hilton in Classic Argyle_1.jpg

I Love Paris Hilton’s Life

Paris Hilton went shopping on Robertson Blvd. yesterday in Los Angeles, and these pictures just reinforce the fact that I want her life. Here’s why:

  1. Do you see that car she’s getting into? Yeah, it’s a Bentley. A baby blue one. The closest I’ve ever been to a Bentley is the kid on MTV’s Teen Moms. Sad, right?
  3. While I have to save up my pennies for a $50 shopping spree at TJ MAXX, she gets to go to Kitson. I bet she even has a Black AMEX.

So, in review, Paris Hilton leads a charmed life and I need to figure a way to weasel my way into it.

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