I <3 Taryn Manning's Guy Friend

Taryn Manning, the actress that was in the Kill Theory and Drive movies, went out to Foxtail with a gentleman caller last night. I think I’m in love.

Sure, the leather jacket is fairly cheesy, but I think this dude has serious potential. First, his hair (and hairline) are in check. In fact, he’s kind of got Jonas Brothers hair. Hot. The jeans are a little on the light side (dare I say, acid wash?), but he’ll eventually take those off. Oh, and the pedo-smile has to go. Other than those minor things, he’s got serious potential.

What really won me over about this strapping young guy is the way he layered his sweaters. Crewneck over a v-neck? Please exuse me while I swoon. With a little bit of work, this man coud be uber hot.

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