Johnny Knoxville is a Real Life Jackass

What kind of jackass tries to take a grenade through security at LAX? According to police, Johnny Knoxville. It’s reported that Knoxville was detained this morning at Los Angeles International Airport after security allegedly found a fake grenade in his carry-on bag.

The reports say that Knoxville was in terminal four when a screener noticed something suspicious and was detained, cited and released for carrying a “prohibited item” into an airport. TSA rules prohibit replicas of weapons. The kicker? Knoxville made his flight after the incident.

He totally lucked out, too.  People waiting in security lines don’t play around with that kind of stuff. I’ve seen people almost get into a fistfight over somebody taking too long to remove their shoes and walk through the metal detector. I once watched an 90-year-old lady curse out a TSA guy for not refolding her clothes after taking them out of her suitcase. Tensions run high at airports these days.

In general, I’m really not a fan of Johnny. He’s one of those naturally attractive guys who decides it’s funny to be fugly, and somehow he manages to pull it off. What he really needs is a flea bath and some church.

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