Katie Holmes Isn’t Looking So Great Lately

Katie Holmes is only 30-years-old, but she looks like a rundown version of my grandma. Remember when she was in Dawson’s Creek? Every girl I knew wanted to be just like her! Not so much anymore.

Her last performance for All My Sons is January 11th, and that day doesn’t look like it can come soon enough for poor Katie. She has a cold sore on her mouth, an open wound (WTF?!) on her foot and the bags under her eyes are big enough to carry all of the holiday baggage American Airlines is transporting this week. Note to self: never marry Tom Cruise, no matter how rich he may be.

Katie could use a Calgon moment, if you know what I mean. That and some sun. Somebody get sister-friend here back to Los Angeles, STAT!

Since I geniuinely like Katie, I have to say something nice about her in this post. So, uh, I really like her coat. And that scarf goes really well with it.

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