Lamar Odom DUI Arrest

It’s reported that Khloe Kardashian‘s husband Lamar Odom was arrested for DIU early this morning in the San Fernando Valley. According to the reports, the 6’10” NBA star was pulled over at 3:54am on a freeway for driving in a ‘serpentine manner’ and going too slow at 50 miles-per-hour. After responding slowly to officers requests to pull over, driving past three exits within two miles before stopping, he showed no obvious signs of intoxication, but failed numerous sobriety tests and allegedly refused all chemical tests. Reports go on to say that he was released on $15k bail at around 8:30am and is due to appear in court on September 27. The news of the DUI arrest comes amidst reports his marriage to Khloe is nearing an end due to alleged drug abuse and a recent cheating scandal.

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