MavrixOnline Exclusive: Joel Madden

It’s nice to see that I’m not the only person with a serious Starbucks addiction…Joel Madden and Nicole Richie dig the stuff too! Nicole waited in the car while Joel ran inside and got their coffee fix, which leads me to believe that she has him trained pretty well. Any time a girl can wait in the car while her man does the errands, you know she’s doing something right.

One month, and I seriously kid you not on this, I spent more than $400 at my local coffee shop. It’s surprisingly easy to do when you work there every day, though I must admit I had a minor heart attack when I totaled up all of my tabs at the end of the month. I’ve since bought a Tassimo machine, which is probably the greatest thing ever invented. With the touch of a button, I get better coffee than any barista can deliver!

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