Scary News for Paula Abdul

Last night, police found the body of a woman in a parked car outside of Paula Abdul’s Sherman Oaks, California home. She reportedly died from a drug overdose, but that’s not necessarily the scary part.

The police are under the impression that the lady was a crazed Paula Abdul fan and may have been stalking her for quite some time. She reportedly had a vanity license plate that read “ABL LV” (for Abdul Love or Lover) and had pictures of the American Idol judge hanging from her rear view mirror. Police sources told TMZ that they’ve been called out to Paula’s house several times to deal with this woman in the past.

The body was found because the stalker’s mother called the police to report her daughter missing. The mother told the cops that they may be able to find her near Paula’s house somewhere. Fortunately, Paula wasn’t home (she was on the road filming the latest season of Idol).

This is both scary and tragic. Such a shame.

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