Sharon Stone Beatles T Shirt

Sharon Stone Shops at H&M?

Sharon Stone went shopping with a friend yesterday, and the caption is telling me that they went to H&M. I’m having a hard time believing that Sharon shops at the same place that’s even a little to cheap for me. Even when I’m totally broke, I can’t justify buying H&M stuff. The quality is just off. I prefer to mess my clothes up on my own, I don’t need the seams to come pre-torn.

Sharon here has been in the news a lot lately for her custody battle with her ex-husband, and I purposely haven’t been reporting on it. I think that family drama, when it includes children (and especially alleged abuse of said children) should be off-limits. Like it or don’t, but that’s the stance I prefer to take on this particular issue. Celeb gossip is one thing, when it involves kids it’s another.

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