Spencer Pratt Plays Paparazzi

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag went to Crown Bar last night, but before they actually went into the club they decided to play around with some cameras. One of the photographers let even let Spencer borrow his camera to take pictures of Heidi. Those things are like, $10,000 or something ridiculous like that!

From what I understand, photographers LOVE Speidi. I watched a video yesterday (don’t judge) of the two of them ordering the paparazzi some pizza while they ate at some restaurant. Of course, they ate outside so that the photogs could get pics of them the entire time.

These two are taking fame whoring to an entirely new level, never before seen. As much as I want to not like them, there’s something smart about the way they play the media to their advantage…and I just can’t hate on that.

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