Tobey Maguire is a Family Man

Tobey Maguire took his family out to Madeos for dinner last night, and the guy was stationed on stroller duty while his wife, Jennifer Meyer, got the kids in the car. Is it just me, or does Toby look like he’s getting a little junk in the trunk? And it looks like Kelly Osbourne isn’t the only one who could benefit from my lazy fashion tips!

I could totally take or leave Tobey. He’s always seemed kind of unremarkable to me, and I’ve never been able to figure out how he got to be such a huge star. I mean, Spiderman? He totally lucked out when he landed that role. Other than that, he is completely and utterly average.

Look at these pics! If you saw that guy on the street, you’d never guess he’s a rich and famous movie star. In fact, you’d probably hand him $1 for a cup of coffee (even though you know he’s just going to spend it all on booze). You’re so charitable!

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