Adrian Grenier and the Honey Brothers are in Miami

First of all, I still maintain that Adrian Grenier looks just like Harry Hamlin did back in the day. The resemblance is so striking it’s scary. If you don’t believe me, click here.

I always forget that Adrian’s in a band. Somehow, that definitely increases his hotness factor. The band is playing somewhere in South Florida this week, which is why they’re in town. When he arrived, Adrien signed some autographs for an Entourage fan, then told our photographer all about how his car is eco-friendly.

For those of you in Florida, keep an eye out for a new GMC Yukon Hybrid SUV…it’s what he’s rolling around town in. If you see him, tap on his window and tell him about Harry Hamlin. I have a working theory that the two are related.

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