Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Steam Up the NYLON Party

Sookie Stackhouse Anna Paquin is on the cover of the new issue of NYLON, and the magazine threw a big ol’ party at Skybar in her honor last night. Her date to the shindig was her real-life fiance (and onscreen boyfriend), Stephen Moyer. To be honest with you, I’m on Team Eric, but vampire Bill is still pretty damn hot. Somebody needs to give the person in charge of casting a raise, because that was a job well done!

Speaking of Stephen, he recently said that he didn’t mind Anna getting all naked on the set, because he gets to see her that way all the time. Here’s what we want to know, Steve (may I call you that?): when are YOU going to drop trou and show your lady fans what you’re working with?! Fair is fair, and a solid nude scene in an upcoming episode would totally make up for last Sunday’s 45 minute mini show. Anyone want to start a letter writing campaign?

Anyway, lots of people came to the event, including AnnaLynn McCord and a couple actors from TrueBlood.

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