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Bono Gets Ready to Perform at the Rose Bowl

Our photographers caught up with Bono as he was on his way to perform at the Rose Bowl earlier today, and if I were him I’d look super happy, too. Why? Lemme break it down for you:

  1. Bono is super freaking rich. Like, RIDICULOUSLY loaded. He probably can’t even count his millions, he has that many.
  2. He sells out just about every arena he plays in. Not only is he extremely wealthy, but people love him.
  3. Because of his gazillions of dollars, important people listen to him. Little known fact: George W. Bush didn’t plan on sending much aid to Africa to help combat AIDS. Despite the fact that dozens of domestic and foreign dignitaries tried to talk him into sending over some money, he wouldn’t do it. That is, of course, until Bono stepped in. I kid you not on this — Bono quoted him verses from the bible until George W. was totally won over. The result? One of the few successes to come out of his presidency: tons of money went to Africa to help fight the spread of AIDS.

Basically, Bono is like the second coming of Jesus, only with more money and influence. Yeah, no wonder he looks so geeked to be alive all the time.

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