David Hasselhoff is My Hero!

The other day, David Hasselhoff was rushed to the hospital, reportedly suffering from alcohol poisoning. Last night, he was at the CoCo Del Mer lingerie party in Los Angeles. That’s the kind of rallying I haven’t seen since college, and it’s freaking impressive. One of my former roommates got alcohol poisoning, and she was laid up for a week. At the time, I felt pretty bad for her. Now, I just think she’s a pansy! If David Hasselhoff can get back on the party scene this fast, she could have too. What a wuss.

And he brought his A-Game, too! Check out that outfit — are those tuxedo pants? I dig that his shirt is open, showing just enough chest hair. You can tell he came to get his groove on, and he wasn’t effing around about it, either. I can practically smell his Sex Panther cologne from here (60% of the time, it works ALL of the time!), and it’s intoxicating. He’s a true champion!

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