Foxtail Was Hopping Last Night

Foxtail is a club in Los Angeles, and last night it was packed with celebrities. DJ AM, who TMZ says has just filed a lawsuit against the estates of the pilots involved in his plane crash, was there. So was Sean Stewart, fresh out of Celebrity Rehab. Guess Dr. Drew didn’t do a very good job, huh?

Of course, the stud of the night was Joe Francis. DJ AM is obviously more famous, but I didn’t have a choice. I have a secret crush on Joe, which I can’t explain. I had to make his photo the leader shot. He was with a new lady friend, who is a total and complete hot mess. I love her for it.

I love that her shoes look two sizes too big, I love that  her head is big and shaped like an alien’s, and I LOVE that she’s giving somebody the side eye. Even the valet guy (or is that a chick? I really can’t tell) is entralled with her. And how could (s)he not be?! I must find out who this gorgeous woman is ASAP, so that I can inundate her with fan mail.

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