Britney Spears’ Big Kahuna.

Recent reports indicate that Adnan Ghalib, ex-paparazzi boyfriend of troubled Britney Spears, is listed as a reviewer on a men’s sexual health products website “SexHealthReview” which states it was set up for men who can be “overwhelmed with stress, work, poor diet, and being drained where it hurts the most.” Ghalib’s image appears as one of twelve men on the test panel and states his occupation as “Filmmaker.” In the “Tell Us a Little Something About Yourself” section it states,”I work in ‘the’ industry in Los Angeles and I know many of my friends use these products. Thought this would be an interesting opportunity to reveal the truth to many men worldwide. Could it be that these products which include “Scent of Eros” and “Big Kahuna” that claim to “attract members of the opposite sex” and “have a male enhancement formula, to increase p@nis size” helped Ghalib win the heart and mind of the famous pop princess??



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