Joanna Krupa PETA Ad

Joanna Krupa Bares All For PETA

The Real Housewives of Miami‘ cast member and former ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ alum Joanna Krupa is taking it ALMOST all off for animals in her brand-new PETA ad, in which she points out the absurdity of wearing fur and fur trim by wearing “a bit” of it herself.

A behind-the-scenes look at Krupa’s racy photo shoot was seen on last night’s episode of Housewives on the Bravo network.

“I wanted to do this campaign to keep talking to people about how bad fur is. Stop! Fur is not sexy. It’s not cool,” Krupa says in her exclusive PETA interview. “You’re walking down the street wearing fur—you really look like an idiot!”

Animals who are killed for fur endure excruciating pain and suffering. Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives in cramped, filthy cages before they are violently killed by poisoning, genital electrocution, or drowning or are strangled with wire nooses. As PETA undercover investigations have revealed, animals are often skinned while conscious and able to feel pain.

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