Hugh Hefner and Twins at Mr. Playboy Book Signing

Hugh Hefner and his twin girlfriends, Karissa and Kristina Shannon, were in Hollywood yesterday for the Mr. Playboy book signing. I completely get that these two girls are really hot and whatever, plus they’re twins and I’m sure that plays into every guy’s effed up fantasy world, but Christ Almighty!

Isn’t it enough that they’re obviously twins? They’re clearly sisters, biologically related and sleeping with the same geriatric man, presumably because he’s disgustingly rich. All this adds up to the very antithesis of feminism…do they really need to take it a step further and dress alike?

The teased hair, the Roman Malibu Barbie dresses, the matching makeup…I can’t take it! It’s not cute and it’s not funny, but it is offensive to the women who work hard everyday in an effort to break through the glass ceiling and be on level footing with their male counterparts.

UGH! The whole thing is just so gross! Bring back Holly, Bridget and Kendra…at least they had their own identities!

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