K-Fatty McEatsalot Ain’t So Hot Anymore

Woah, K-Fed. Woah.

Kevin Federline and his charming girlfriend, Victoria Prince, took the kiddies out to a pool in Miami the other day and our photographer got these exclusive shots.

Vicki (may I call you that?) is a pro volleyball player, so you’d think she’d want somebody in decent shape. Or, at least somebody with an IQ bigger than his body fat percentage. I guess since Britney’s back to her old self again, more of the spotlight is going to be on K-Fed’s imperfections. Remember when he was the sane one, holding things down for the family? Kind of makes me feel bad for poking fun at him now. A little.

He needs to get on Britney’s old diet plan and get back to his old body. If he put down the cigarettes and booze for a bit (I know, blasphemy), he could totally be cute again.

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