Katie Perry is Still All Up On Russell Brand

Katy Perry and her new BF, Russell Brand, are gracing LA with their presence this week. They’re the new “it” couple, so everyone was pretty psyched about it. Yesterday, Katy ventured off on her own to get some shopping in at Kitson Men. Perry’s 25th birthday is on October 25, so it’ll be interesting to see if Russell gets her something big, sparkley and expensive.

People are saying that Katy brought Russell to LA to meet her parents and get their approval for the couple’s relationship. Katy’s parents, Keith and Mary Hudson, are pastors and uber devout Christians who hold the institution of marriage as a central core to their beliefs. Translation: her dad’s probably going to be cleaning his shotgun collection on the kitchen table when Russell first comes over to meet them (true story — my dad did that on my first date).

It’ll be interesting to find out how all this goes over with moms and pops. I think they’ll either absolutely love him (maybe they have a sense of humor and will “get” his act), or they’ll beat him senseless with the bible and run him out of town with a pitchfork. Real fire and brimstone stuff. I totally hope they approve — Russell and Katy are the most interesting famous couple around right now, next to Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon (how can you not love those two?).

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