Lady Gaga Steps Out of London Hotel in a Pink Bra

Lady Gaga was spotted leaving her London hotel wearing an interesting ensemble which consisted of a pink sheer bra paired-off with baggy latex pants with suspenders and matching high heel boots. Never disappointing in her eccentricity, the 27 year old entertainer had her hair tied up with extensions and decorated with sea shells. Besides showing off her famed tattoos, Gaga had the words “Art” and “Pop” written on the palms of her hands. Gaga, who was in NYC over the weekend for the 2013 MTV VMA Awards, was also carrying a pink juicy cup and was seen taking a sip of it while she paused to greet her awaiting fans outside the hotel. After posing for pictures and signing autographs, Gaga jumped in her awaiting vehicle and headed off to a local fish & chip shop for dinner.

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