Lindsay Lohan is Back in Leggings!

Lindsay Lohan spent time in Nordstrom at The Grove in Los Angeles, where she promoted her legging line 6126. Remember a year or so ago, when she was a total train wreck mess? It seems like she’s definitely put that stuff behind her, and it’s great to see. She looks fantastic, too!

You know, I’d probably have a heart attack and die if I saw a bona-fide celeb in Nordstrom. Whenever I go there, all I see are mean old rich women who give me the evil side eye, as if I were their hired help and they suspected me of stealing their antique china or something. You know the type, they’re the kind who get their hair “set” at the salon twice a week and never tip the stylist. I swear I only go there because Nordstrom is the one place that I can find my brother’s yearly Christmas present: Dior cologne. Macy’s needs to get on the ball and start carrying it ASAP, so I can end my misery.

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