MavrixOnline Exclusive: Hayden & Dave Grohl

When I first saw that we had exclusive pictures of Hayden Panettiere and Dave Grohl at The Killers concert last night in LA, I was all psyched to break some scandalous news. We all know she likes the older guys, as evidenced by her relationship with Milo VentIforgetWhatHisLastNameIs, so it wouldn’t be all that surprising if she hopped on the Dave train and rode it out of town.

Apparently, it was all wishful thinking on my part. It looks like the two of them went separately, which makes this post 100% scandal-free. That is, of course, unless you completely overlook the little guy in the tuxedo standing next to her. WTF is that all about?! I feel like somebody’s playing a joke on me, and the second I turn around that same guy is going to be standing behind me, tux and all. Creepy.

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