MavrixOnline Exclusive: Jesse McCartney

Please excuse me while I swoon for a few minutes, because we have exclusive pictures of Jesse McCartney leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles last night. Jesse is a little young for me, but he takes me back to the days when I plastered my walls with the photo pages I ripped out of old Teen Beat magazines.

Of course, back then the boy du jour was Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT). You know, the short kid from Home Improvement. He was my first true love (until Romeo + Juliet came out, and then it was Leonardo DiCaprio). My latest obsession is Michael Bolton, which I couldn’t explain if I tried…it’s so suburban housewife, circa 1992.

Anyway, if I were a few years younger, I would totally replaster my walls with Jesse. He’s dreamy and talented…a combination no girl could refuse!

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