Michelle Rodriguez is Smart and Single

Michelle Rodriguez went to the pharmacy yesterday and left with a ubiquitous discreet brown paper bag. Back in college, I used to know girls who would go to the student health center every day and leave with a brown paper bag filled with condoms. I think they were selling them online to make a quick dollar or something, because nobody should ever need that many. Plus, I went to a women’s college, so it’s not like there was a lot of action to be had on campus.

Anyway, Michelle took her brown paper bag and left, talking to photogs in Spanish as she walked. It always surprises me when I find out that celebrities are bilingual. I’m still struggling to master English, I can’t imagine trying to tackle another language. One of the photographers asked her if she was single, and she just smiled and held up her left hand (as if to say, there ain’t no ring on it!).

Still, that doesn’t mean much. Rumors have been swirling around Michelle for years regarding her sexuality, and in California gays and lesbians aren’t allowed to get married any more. Maybe she’s still waiting for her Prince(ss) Charming?

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