Pam Anderson Just Made My Day

All in all, today is shaping up to be pretty crappy. Last night Hurricane Ike came after me like I was Tina Turner, and knocked out almost all of the power in Pittsburgh (and during the Steeler’s game, no less!). Almost all of the gas stations are still closed, none of the stop lights are working and most of the schools are closed, leaving thousands of unwatched hooligans to run around willy-nilly.

I was in a terrible mood, until I opened my email and saw these pictures of the glamorous and elegant Pamela Anderson in Moscow. HA! Pam is like America’s cheerleader, turning our frowns upside down since her Baywatch days. Dolph Lundgren is also there working on a movie, looking just as faaabulous as ever. He can be my He-Man any day!

On a more serious note, our condolences go out to those the Gulf area who have been effected by Hurricane Ike.

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