Rebecca Romijn is Really, Really Pregnant


Rebecca Romijn Stamos O’Connell is pregnant with two girls, which comes as a surprise to me because I didn’t even know she was expecting. I guess she’s low-key like that. It always amazes me how these Hollywood starlet types can get super pregnant and still look super fabulous, and then immediately after giving birth be back to their pre-baby weight. Becky here looks like she can give birth at any minute, then leave the hospital and go directly to a photo shoot.

Anyway, I guess husband Jerry stuck his foot in his mouth by calling her “huge” on the Conan O’Brien show a little bit ago, because he recenly apologized, saying:

“I regret calling my wife ‘huge’ on Conan O’Brien. I meant to say that there are specific areas of my wife that are larger than normal and growing every day. All other portions of my wife are quite petite. I apologize to her and will be coming home with flowers.”

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