Sad News About David Carradine

This is absolutely tragic. 72-year-old David Carradine has been found dead in Thailand, where he was working on a project. His manager and people at the bar where he was last seen at claim the actor was in good spirits, so suicide doesn’t seem likely. There have been tons of updates about this story, so I’ll just post them all (and continue to post them as new reports come in) — and leave you to form your own opinion about what happened.

UPDATE: A Thai newspaper is now reporting the body was hanging for no less than 12 hours before it was discovered by the maid, adding there was no sign of struggle.
UPDATE: We just spoke with the director of the film David finished last week. Jim Wynorski told us as recently as a week ago Sunday, David was “jovial, full of life and kept everyone laughing on the set.” Wynorski said he constantly talked about his family — the apparent suicide “just doesn’t at all seem like him.”
UPDATE: TMZ has learned that the day before he died, David Carradine was in good spirits while shooting scenes for a movie at a local eatery — the Witch’s Oyster Bar & Restaurant.
We’re told Carradine’s crew was posted up on the second floor — but David would occasionally stroll down to the restaurant level to enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage. Sources inside the restaurant tell us “he didn’t look sad … he looked fine.”
UPDATE: The BBC claims Thai police told them a hotel maid found David Carradine this morning sitting in a wardrobe room with a rope around his neck and body.
There are conflicting reports about the rope. A Thai newspaper is citing cops who say the cord used in the hanging was from curtains in the hotel room. A Thai wire service says the rope did not come from the hotel. So far, TMZ and others have been unable to confirm just about anything.
So, so sad.

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