That Noxema Girl is Carrying McSteamy’s Baby

I don’t know why everyone is constantly referring to Rebecca Gayheart as “that Noxema girl”, especially when everyone knows that the breakthrough performance OF OUR LIFETIME was her role in Urban Legend. 9021-WHO? Rebecca knows this, and that’s why she hasn’t really been in anything memorable since (except for that non-sex tape, of course. But let’s be honest: we all watched it to catch a glimpse of what Eric Dane was working with, not for her).

Besides, how do you recapture magic once it’s been let out of a bottle? How do you top the role of Brenda Bates? You don’t!Rebecca should just get out of the Hollywood game altogether.

In other news, she’s totally pregnant and has yet to release a statement about it. Even a special needs monkey could tell that she’s expecting, so I don’t know what she’s waiting for. Maybe she’s hoping a magazine will come calling with a magazine cover?

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