The Governator Invades Malibu

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Schriver went out to dinner in Malibu last night, and these are the pictures that prove it. Arnie must be having a hard time in office, because it looks like he lost a lot of weight. He also seems to have developed a severe case of tanorexia, which must be scaring his hairline as far back from his face as possible. Has he always had hair like that? And don’t even get me started on the outfit.

Well, I’m kind of stared already, so I might as well finish the thought: the whole cowboy-meets-Neo-from-The-Matrix thing isn’t really a hot look to go for. Are those steel toed cowboy boots that I’m looking at? Unless he’s planning on using them to kick California’s economy back into gear, there’s no point in wearing something like that.

And Maria! Why is she dressed like a dust bowl era grandmother? I’m getting a serious Grapes of Wrath feel from that shawl, and it’s no good. I loves me some Maria Schriver, but this is a bit much, even for me. She’s the first lady of the biggest state in America, she needs to start dressing like it! Somebody get Michelle Obama on the phone, because Maria needs a mentor.

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