What’s Avril Lavigne So Pissed About?

Avril Lavigne was reportedly downing shots of vodka last weekend at a nightclub in Los Angeles, and ended up having a fight with her husband (Sum 41 head dude Deryck Whible)y. By the end of the night, the couple were reportedly not on speaking terms, but that didn’t stop Avril from downing two more shots before she left the club.  A source inside the club said:

“She kept downing vodka drinks, to the point where she was obliterated. She ended up fighting with her husband before ignoring him completely.”

What the hell does she have to be so pissy about? Her husband apparently doesn’t care if she hangs out (alone) with the dregs of Hollywood society, she’s got a ton of money and she’s married to a guy who — surprise! — also has a ton of money. I woman once told me that money can’t buy happiness, but she was poor so she doesn’t count.

I’m over her.

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