A Quick Note To Kanye West and Amber Rose

Kanye West and Amber Rose are spending some time at the Fountainebleau Miami Beach in Florida, and Amber was wearing next to nothing on the beach. When I say “next to nothing”, what I mean is that she was wearing some well-placed string as a bikini bottom, and two triangles for a top (when she was wearing a top at all). What is this? Europe? We don’t do that here!  Okay she has a body to die for, there ya go…

Quick note to Kanye: if you want to hit the beach and be inconspicuous, maybe you should go somewhere a little more quiet than, say, Miami Beach. Maybe somewhere in Brazil or Argentina or something? I hear it worked out well for the Governor of South Carolina, so perhaps you should try a more exotic location. Then pictures like these wouldn’t hit the Internet, and you wouldn’t have to worry about flipping off the camera to ruin the shots, just so ya know it doesn’t work!

Just a thought.

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