Ashton Kutcher Filming Valentine’s Day

I sometimes forget that Ashton Kutcher is an actual actor, and not just Demi Moore’s young piece of arm candy. Inevitably, I run into pictures like these and say to myself, “Oh yeah, he has an actual job!” He spent most of yesterday filming scenes for Valentine’s Day, which is apparently his new movie. Wait…let me guess: ANOTHER romantic comedy, right?

And another thing: who the hell is the wardrobe person? Why does he look like one of the “andro” lesbians I went to college with? The guy’s good looking, why hide it behind cargo pants and a hoodie? I think his outfits should be limited to boxer briefs and flip flops, with the occasional pair of jeans thrown in. When you’ve got a guy on set who looks like Ashton, why keep him all covered up?

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