Beyonce Makes More Money Than Madge?!

The Metro, a newspaper out of the U.K. that kind of reminds me of USA Today, took the time to tally up every dollar that recording artists made last year, and have composed a top ten list of the highest earners. The results are pretty damn shocking, to tell you the truth. Here’s how everyone ranked, along with how much money they made (in British pounds, because I’m too lazy to do the conversions):

1. Police – £57.5m
2. Beyonce – £43.2m
3. Toby Keith – £24m
4. Justin Timberlake – £22m
5. Madonna – £20m
6. Celine Dion – £20m
7. Rascal Flatts – £20m
8. Van Halen – £17.5m
9. Genesis – £15.5m
10. Gwen Stefani – £13.5m

How did Beyonce make more money than Justin Timberlake and Madonna combined?! Also, the only reason Genesis even made the Top 10 was because Phil Collins is a musical mastermind. Additionally, I’d like to go on record by saying that Van Halen is four times the band that the Police will ever be. Of course, if you have no ear for good music and disagree, you’re more than welcome to tell me your thoughts in the comments section.

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