Blind Item Reveal: It’s Sordid Lives!!!

Well, it looks like my first blind item was a success — we got more comments on that post than any other in the history of MavrixOnline, and Blind Gossip picked up the story! Guess we’ll keep ’em coming, huh?

As most of you guessed, the series in question is Sordid Lives: The Series. The couple affected by the shady dealings of the production company (Once Upon A Time Films) are none other than Jason Dottley and Del Shores, two very talented (and, ahem, good looking) people who deserve to have millions in the bank…so, what’s up, LOGO? How’re you going to let my boys go broke like that?

One of my favorite comments came from a guy named Thom, who called everyone to action by saying:

Listed Below Are The E-Mail Addresses For The People Responsible For Not Having Another Season Of “SORDID LIVES THE SERIES”

Please Send E-Mails To The Following People Telling Them How You Feel About “Sordid Lives The Series” —And Let Them Know That You Will Be Canceling LOGO If They Don’t Air Season Two Of Sordid! The General Manager The President Of MTV/LOGO

The Following E-Mail Address Is The PRODUCER Who Is NOT Paying ANYONE Residuals! Please E-Mail Him And Let Him Know Exactly What You Think Of Him And The Way He Is Treating The Entire Cast And Writer/Director Of “SORDID”! His Name is Stan!

So, there you have it. But don’t fret too much, Sordid fans: I have it on good authority that Del Shores is taking his show on the road, and is selling out places left and right! And of course, Jason Dottley isn’t one to let something as trivial as a major TV network get him down: he’s using his time off to jump start his singing career! Jason’s got a new single out, called Hit Play (Take Me Away).

It’s getting major play everywhere (I’ll stay classy and refrain from making a dirty comment), and you can check it (and him) out for yourself — he’ll be performing at the Bar on Church in San Francisco this weekend. If you’re not near the gay bay, you can hear the song at Jason’s website. Love it!

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