Does Paris Hilton Even Have $8 Million?

We told you earlier about Paris Hilton’s legal troubles, and now it looks like they’ve finally come to an end. Unfortunately, things aren’t exactly working out the way that Paris was probably hoping they would. Worldwide Entertainment Group, the producers of Pledge This!, were seeking $8.3 million in damages, alleging that Paris didn’t promote the movie the way that she was contractually obligated to. Yesterday, however, the judge in the case reportedly said that “she won’t have to pay more than $8 million because of it.”

Woo hoo! That’s like, $300k in potential savings! But wait, there’s still that pesky $8 million lawsuit sitting on the table.

Damn! $8 million for a movie that would be lucky to bring in — let’s be honest with ourselves here — about $7.27 at the domestic box office seems to be a bit over the top, don’t you think? Especially when you consider that she was only paid $1 million for her role (yeah, I know. I’m just as surprised as you are). Does Paris even have that kind of cash laying around? I know she’s set to inherit all kinds of money, but her folks haven’t kicked the bucket yet. Can you take out loans against a trust fund?

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