8_7_10_Emma Thompson Hollywood Star_354

Emma’s Star

Emma Thompson gets recognized with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame yesterday.

Emma was all smiles as she was greeted by fellow Brit Hugh Laurie and actress Maggie Gylenhaal during the ceremony but just hours following the celebrations, Emma announced in a press release that she plans to step down from acting for the next year.

She said “I find the job I do emotionally very demanding. I suffer from occasional mild depression, which I think is a very common thing — it’s fantastically common in my country and probably in yours, too — and it’s a very much hidden thing people don’t talk about. I think it should be discussed… Next year, I’m going to take a sabbatical. I’m not going to fundraise or perform or travel, except in pursuit of new vistas with my family. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long, long time, but it’s been like putting the brakes on a large ship because there is so much going on.”

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