Gisele Bündchen Is A Green Celebrity

Gisele Bündchen is not usually found on  these celebrity gossip sites for causing much salacious and unforgivable Hollywood style drama. Instead there are simply hottest celebrity pictures stories to keep our panties from Bündchen-ing up. This week though we get some celeb news that is anything but horrible and saucy. Gisele was named Best Green Celebrity by the eco-conscious Green Awards on November 24th.

They rewarded the ecologically inclined 31 year old supermodel for being among the most visible pro environment celebrities in the world. Her ad campaigns for big name fashion brands like Doce & Gabbana, Valentino and Versace have gone up alongside her support for a wide array of environmental issues. Among those issues closest to her heart is support of the Drop of Water Movement which is trying to prevent construction of a dam that would, detractors claim, wipe out a wide area of the Brazilian rain forest. Being from Brazil, Gisele has a soft spot for their splendor.

Gisele beat no less than former Beatle Paul McCartney and a slue of other stars in an online poll to receive the award this year. It is nice to get some celebrity news that doesn’t include public apologies and aggressive behavior every now and again. Now back to the trash…

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