Cosmopolis NYC Premiere_8_13_12_01

Robert Pattinson At The Cosmopolis Premiere In NY

Robert Pattinson makes his first public appearances in NY following news of his split with Kristen Stewart. Swamped by a fans and bodyguards, Robert made his way down the line of the red carpet at the premiere for his new movie Cosmopolis.

Earlier on, Pattinson made an appearance on the The Daily Show where host Jon Stewart gently questioned how he was doing, before bringing out two tubs of ice-cream for a male bonding session about messy breakups. While Rob didn’t really make any comments about Kristen, he couldn’t hide a laugh and a smile when Jon made a gag.

Rob did however say he was hoping that Cosmopolis would have a bigger opening weekend that Dark Knight, but admitted it would be hard seeing as it’s only opening in 6 theaters! Jon helpfully suggested that Twilight fans looking to support Robert could buy several tickets and sit on each other’s laps to boost the numbers.

Having only seen the trailer for Cosmopolis, I think Robert it right in the the movie is hard to describe. It’s one of those things you have to see for yourself.

So…. who’s planning on turning out to support Robert’s movie?


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