Jake Peanut iPad

Tech Savvy Orangutans At Florida’s Jungle Island Communicate With iPads

Two spectacular 8-year-old twin orangutans, Jake & Peanut, impressed zookeepers with their ability to use and communicate with an iPad, when given the chance recently.

Linda Jacobs, who oversees the program, hopes the devices will eventually help bridge the gap between humans and the endangered apes saying:

Our young ones pick up on it. They understand it. It’s like, `Oh I get this. Our two older ones, they just are not interested. I think they just figure, `I’ve gotten along just fine in this world without this communication-skill here and the iPad, and I don’t need a computer.

Jacobs initially got the idea for using the tablet with the primates from a colleague whom used iPads when working closely with dolphins.

Other zoos are using the technological device to break ground with animals and forge new ways of communication.

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