Jennifer Garner is Like, REALLY Pregnant Right Now

On a pregnancy scale of 1-10, Jennifer Garner is registering at around a 12 right now. Is she having quintuplets? Christ!

I’ve never been pregnant before, so I can’t say what it’s like, but it doesn’t look like it would be very comfortable. Can she even tie her shoes right now? How long do you think it’s been since she’s even seen her feet?!

Luckily, Violet is always with her, so maybe the kid can do stuff like that. The mother and daughter had a little play date with some of Violet’s friends, and they brought wrapped presents. I don’t know if it was for the kids or for a charity, but I get the feeling that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner give really good gifts around the holidays. I wonder if I can get on their Christmas list somehow?

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