Jennifer Lopez Receives A Ring For Her 44th Birthday From Boyfriend Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez‘s boyfriend Casper Smart gave her a ring on her 44th birthday. Lopez didn’t only get a ring from her younger beau, she also received a bracelet. Casper gave Jennifer one-of-a-kind vintage pieces from the Platt Boutique in L.A. which included a ’70’s yellow gold and diamond chain link bracelet and a ’40’s gold and diamond ring, both with a coordinating buckle motif.

“He told me he had bought her jewelry before, but never vintage,” owner Larry Platt told PEOPLE, “so he wanted to go in a different direction, something one-of-a-kind.” Knowing his girlfriends taste for jewelry, Casper gave JLo these vintage pieces. “He has a very good eye and knew what he wanted,” Platt stated. “He was looking for vintage pieces that had a chic, modern feel to them. He told me that there are only two pieces of jewelry that Jennifer wears on a daily basis, so he wanted to pick pieces that he felt she would wear all the time and could go with everything.”

It appears that Casper made a good choice on these two pieces, just days ago Lopez was spotted wearing the bracelet while out on a walk with Smart. Giving Smart credit for good taste, Platt added, “He appreciated the fact that pieces were beautifully made, from a different era and were completely unique.”

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