Jon Gosselin Does The Ivy

While Jon Gosselin is LA on his Famewhore ’09 Tour, he stopped by The Ivy for lunch yesterday. I’ll take ‘Things That Don’t Surprise Me AT ALL’ for $800, Alex!

You know he only went there so he can go back to Pennsyltucky (I’m a resident, I’m allowed) and brag to all of his hussies about how he met some “major players in the industry” when he “did lunch at The Ivy”. Enjoy it while you can, Jon. You’ve got about 2 of your 15 minutes of fame left — and I’m sure you’re going to suck those dry! (Because this is a family blog, I’m going to refrain from making any comments about the face you’re making in the leader photo. I feel so classy!)

Also, that girl to the left of his (giant) head in the photo is my new hero. The look on her face says it all, and I’m with her! I can practically hear her thoughts: “Wow. He’s shorter than he looks on TV. And his hair looks a lot thicker on TLC.”

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