Jon Gosselin Runs for Cover

Jon Gosselin has been vilified by the media lately — not that he’s not a total d-bag or anything. But sometimes I wonder if Kate’s just as bad, only better at hiding it. Perez Hilton has a really great post that profiles her diva behavior pretty well (who the hell does she think she is, anyway?).  I feel bad for the kids…

Anyway, Jon Gosselin got into LAX this afternoon and immediately made a beeline for the SUV that was waiting for him. What’s the matter, Jon? Are you embarrassed to show your face to photographers after you got fired from your own reality show? I understand, I’d be looking for a rock to hide under if I were in your shoes, too.

SPEAKING OF SHOES, he wears those fugly Gucci sneakers everywhere! It’s time to retire those things already!

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