Katie Holmes Should be on Designing Women 2.0

You know what I miss? Designing Women. While some kids were watching Sesame Street growing up, I was watching Supermarket Sweep and Designing Women. What can I say? Early on I discovered that I was a big fan of the Lifetime network.

Looking at this picture of Katie Holmes, I can’t help but think that she was born a few decades too late. She’d have been perfect in Designing Women! Look at that hair! Hell, she could do it now. Why not? The Hollywood types have already remade classics like 90210 and murdered just about every decent horror film to come out of the 80s.

Personally, I see Katie playing the Mary Jo role. She’s no Annie Potts, but I have a feeling she can rock the floral patterns and shoulder pads almost as well. Plus, she’s not beefy enough to play Charlene.

I really shouldn’t speak such evil things. They might come true, and if a Designing Women remake ever actually happened, I’d be forced to boycott TV for the rest of my life.

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